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Downtown businesses join new promotional campaign

TRURO - Missy Holt likes to engage with her clients – both human and canine.

Missy Holt, owner of The Dirty Dog Shop on the Esplanade in Truro, gives Bella, a boxer mix, a wash early Friday morning. Holt is looking forward to learning more about other downtown businesses and hopes people will get involved in the Faces of Downtown Truro campaign, which features downtown business people.

That's one of the many things the public will learn about Holt when they log onto the Downtown Truro Partnership's Faces of Downtown Truro campaign.

They will also learn Holt, the owner of The Dirty Dog Shop on the Esplanade, enjoys getting on the floor with dog

"clients," and having fun while working.

Holt is one of the people participating in the getting-to-know-your-downtown-business-community campaign, which is a newly launched social media initiative that features local business people in downtown Truro.

Holt's business has been in Truro for almost four years.

"It seems like a close-knit community and I wanted to be part of it. This (campaign) is good for business because people are more apt to buy local if they recognize the business and its people," said Holt. "I looked at a few of them and I learned about businesses I didn't know were


Debbie Elliott, executive director of the Downtown Truro Partnership, said the campaign uses the DTP's Facebook, Twitter and Instragram to help promote downtown businesses, people, events and promotions.

For the project, which was originated by DTP's social media manager Sam Madore, businesses, services and professionals in the downtown core have been invited to choose a person within their business to feature.

"They submit a picture of the person and a description about them ... it's all about getting to know people in the downtown," said Elliott. "People like to know who they are dealing with and that makes it a nicer interaction. We are all part of the same community so it's nice to know (each other's) names."

Participants also include a note on why they enjoy working downtown, what brought them here and other relevant information.

As of late week, about a dozen people had submitted their photo and information for the campaign, including representatives from the Best Western Glengarry, Supplement King, The Dirty Dog Shop, and others.

Elliott said the initiative is ongoing and "as long as there's interest will continue."

She said a second or third person at businesses may be featured as the campaign progresses.

There are about 325 businesses, services and professionals in downtown Truro and DTP is encouraging all of them to get involved in the project.

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