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Business community disappointed with province’s position on Truro roundabout

TRURO – A provincial decision not to support funding for a roundabout at the intersection of McClures Mills Road and Willow Street is extremely disappointing, says the president of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce.

“Chamber members have supported the Town of Truro’s appeal for this project, citing that congestion at the intersection has impeded productivity and has restricted growth of the Truro Industrial Park,” Andrew Lake said, regarding the position of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) not to provide funding for the project.

“It’s not uncommon for vehicles to wait at the intersection through three to four cycles of the traffic lights to alleviate the queue,” he said.

The proposed roundabout, which the town has advocated for a number of years, would allow traffic, including many commercial and or service related vehicles, to flow seamlessly through the intersection, eliminating needless idle time while improving business productivity, Lake said, in a news release.

Traffic congestion in that area also impedes customer access to businesses located in close proximity to the intersection.

Investment in infrastructure was a platform the federal government campaigned on, citing investment in trade-enabling infrastructure as a means to stimulate the economy. But Lake said it’s too bad the province does not share that vision.

“It’s unfortunate the province’s rigid policies continue to hold the town back, restricting our ability to grow,” he said.



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