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Bible Hill gas bar being rebuilt, will include Tim Horton's drive-thru

Bible Hill Esso
Bible Hill Esso - Google Earth


The Esso gas bar and convenience store on Pictou Road is being replaced with a new structure that will include a Tim Horton’s drive-thru.

“We’re building a new building kind of at the rear of the site, with a Tim Horton’s express,” said Mark Greatorex, vice-president of development and legal with Wilson Fuel Company, which owns the Esso facility.

“The new building will go up and then when it’s done and ready the old building is going to be torn down.”

Another double-sided island of fuel pumps will also be added to the two existing ones as part of the construction process, he said. The existing canopy will also be extended over the new pumps.

“And then it’s business as usual with a brand-new building and a Tim Horton’s drive thru,” Greatorex said.

“They are mobilized on site, I expect them to be starting soon. When they going to be putting the actual building up, I can’t give you an exact time.”

Completion is expected around August. The new building is designed at 2,900 sq. ft. The convenience store and Canada Post satellite site will also remain as part of the operation.

“We’re excited to get a new building and increase our ability to serve our customers,” he said.

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