Great day for racing

Fans and drivers enjoy sunshine and off-road racing in Glenholme

Ryan Cooke
Published on June 28, 2014

GLENHOLME – It might have been Kerry Dyke’s first day of competitive racing, but that didn’t stop her from racking up points.

The Onslow resident and recent racing enthusiast won race after race on Saturday afternoon, taking on men with tenfold the experience of Dyke at Colchester County Off-Road Racing’s event on the Maritime circuit.

The key to success? Pedal to the metal.

“Ahh, just drive hard and fast, I guess,” she laughed when asked how she pulled off the victories.

The roar of her engine could be heard long before the start of each race, as she revved up before the green light. On a couple of occasions, Dyke jumped the gun and ran on a red.

“I try to be calm,” she said. “I was a little itchy on the lights today, so I did red-light it a couple times.”

After each race, the crowd gave a roar as Dyke finished ahead of her opponent. Hundreds of people came out on Saturday to take in the action, which featured drag races and car side-by-sides.

Among the spectators was Tom Dykeman and his grandson, Landon.

“It’s my first time out here,” Dykeman said. “The weather certainly makes it good to get out for the day.”

His grandson, a toddler, laughed and smiled as each truck roared past.

“What do you enjoy about it? The loud and the fast trucks?” Dykeman asked his grandson, as Landon nodded.

It was family entertainment for many people, as a majority of the crowd was made up of parents and children. Some people, like Devin Hill, came out with their family to support friends who were racing.

“I’ve been watching this since I was a kid,” he said. “I got a lot of buddies who drive trucks from down around the South Shore. All the fellas I went to school with are into this now.”

His son Colby sat on his mother’s lap, taking in the action from atop the hillside overlooking the track.

“I brought my little fella out to watch the trucks because he likes them,” Hill said. “He likes the noise and big tires.”

While it’s all about the show for most of the spectators, it’s a different thrill from inside the truck.

“(It’s about) the adrenaline rush,” Dyke said after wrapping up her final race, a red-light disqualification where she stretched her opponent. “The speed, the pace and the people. The people around the track are great.”

Racing will go all day Sunday as well, with the slalom races kicking off at 9 a.m.