Buzzer Beater: A few kind words go a long way

Ryan Cooke
Published on August 21, 2014

I get about a million emails a day. Well, maybe not a million, but dozens for sure.

Some I flag for follow up and let fade into unimportance, others get trashed immediately (like the 1.1 million Euros I won in the Turkish National Lottery this morning). Others I respond to right away.

When Truro Minor Football Association coach Brian Wood emailed me on Wednesday, I answered right away.

Wood invited me to come out to their practice at TAAC Grounds, telling me his players had a special message for a special member of the Truro minor football family.

In Wednesday's paper, Justin Palardy - fresh off joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders practice squad, with a good chance to take another crack at a CFL job - took the time to thank his old peewee squad and give them his best wishes for the start of the season.

This wasn't a "flag for follow up and forget about it" moment.

Growing up in a small town, I remember how it feels to see someone from your situation succeed in chasing their dreams. And I remember how it feels to have them give back.

And so on Wednesday night, I gathered up the Peewee Bombers squad for a team photo, but set my phone on video instead. I asked a simple question, "What would you like to say back to Justin?"

This was their response:

"Hi" - a slow opener, but it gets better...

"Thank you."

"Thank you for congratulating us."

"You're awesome."

"Thanks for wishing us good luck and good luck to you too."

"Have a good season with the Roughriders."

"You're my hero."

"Make sure they win the Grey Cup two years in a row." (No pressure, big guy.)

"And good luck."

"Good luck."

And here's my response:

Thanks Justin, for reminding us all that a few humble words go a long way on and off the field.

And good luck.


Note: Buzzer Beater is a new column by sports editor Ryan Cooke, touching on local sports and the people behind the games.