Park Street still closed, car frozen in flooding

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BIBLE HILL - It could be a while before Park Street between Bible Hill and Truro is re-opened to traffic.

A blue Pontiac is frozen in ice on Park Street on Wednesday, and may remain until the weekend. Park Street was closed to motorists on Tuesday because of flooding, however the barricade at the Bible Hill end was pushed to the side and the driver of the Pontiac attempted to drive through the flood. This was the result.

Flooding on Tuesday saw the road closed at around 10:30 a.m., and freezing temperatures since have caused the flooding to freeze.

Within that ice is a blue Pontiac car. A caller to the Truro Daily News newsroom Wednesday morning said the car's driver is unfamiliar to the area, having moved here recently from Ontario.

"Not being from here, he may not have known that the road had been closed," the man said. 

Witnesses have said that the barricade at the end of Park Street in Bible Hill, which is manually erected and taken down, had been moved to the side when they drove by at suppertime on Tuesday.

The caller to the newsroom also said the barricade had been moved.

"I don't know why that side doesn't have a swing bridge sign like the other side," he said about the new sign that was erected following massive flooding in the fall of 2012.

With temperatures ranging from -4 as a high to -19 as a low over the next few days, it's possible the ice on Park Street, and the car encased in it, could remain. Re-opening the street, however, is the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal's highest priority, according to the area manager.

"We have to make it safe once again for the motorists," said James Webster, area manager. "The street willbe closed until the water levels receed, but even then there will be ice cakes on the road and the road itself will be icy."

If the forceast for the end of the week remains unchanged, Webster said the department's crews won't be "distracted" by other issues and will focus on Park Street.

"There are a lot of factors for when it will be re-opened," he said. "Water levels, temperatures and the affectiveness of the salt."

Webster believes the flooding was caused by a tidal storm surge pushing back into the waterway.

When it comes to the vehicle stuck in the ice, he said it will be up to the owner to have it removed.

"If worse comes to worse and we need it moved when we're working, we will have it towed, at the owner's expense," he said.

Over the years, Webster said there have been instances where motorists will move the barricades and attempt to drive through the water.

"There's no benefit now," he said, regarding the swing gate on the Truro end of the street. "We have less people now that try to do that."

Webster said his field supervisors were aware the vehicle tried to pass, however he's unsure how it happened.

"Our barricades were still there, but they had been moved so there was a bit of a hole. But it was still clearly marked that the road was closed," he said, adding it could have been anybody that moved the barricade.

Organizations: Truro Daily News

Geographic location: Park Street, Ontario, Bible Hill

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Recent comments

  • Bootlegpit
    January 15, 2014 - 18:56

    You don't build on a flood plain.....period.

  • Terry Boyce
    January 08, 2014 - 19:07

    When are they going to either build up that street to the same level as the crossing or extend the bridge to the crossing and stop wasting our time with all these floods and delays, This should have been done years ago, but nobody seems to want to do it. The closure of that road causes a lot of problems and heavy traffic for the other streets into town causing excessive lineups in Bible hill a t Pictou Road.

  • Aurora
    January 08, 2014 - 14:43

    The swing bridge sign should be used at both entrances to Park Street, for everyone's safety. A little bit of mischief is all it takes to have that Bible Hill-end sign moved and put a driver (like the one in this story) at risk. I'm sure the signs aren't cheap, but given the number of times this street is closed due to flooding in the run of a year – it's a purchase of something that will improve safety and will be used frequently.

  • Peter Johnson
    January 08, 2014 - 12:33

    Ask Lenore Zann how the work her party put into the Park Street flooding problem is working out?? Not to well from this picture!!

    • Tracy
      January 12, 2014 - 08:42

      Ask the residents of Park Street and the streets surrounding it if they had water in their basements?! No! At least not to the extent it was last spring! There has to be a solution to this problem! Come on Lenore, if anyone can move this in the right direction it is you! Traffic being backed up into Bible Hill and up Pictou Road is not acceptable!