Considering a few election issues

Published on May 26, 2017

To the editor:

In keeping with the political storm of the provincial election, I would like to reiterate my thoughts on health care and education. In the news today, I saw very little about health, hospitals, and shortage of doctors.

If you have no health you can’t be educated; if you are not educated as you grow up, you can’t take proper care of yourself. More and more people have to learn about health and how their own body works. This is due to the changing healthcare of more and more self-care and shorter hospital stays and less hospital beds due to the new “Health Care Centers” that have fewer beds.

Also fewer doctors. Be prepared! Governments need to get progressive and hire doctors as our senior doctors will soon not be there to help teach. They will be retiring.

My second issue is “Emera” Nova Scotia Power.

The government is trying to encourage seniors to stay in their own homes longer, and to have more healthcare givers come to the homes.

The power bills are astronomical and getting worse. Seniors mind the cold due to poorer circulation; most or a lot of people heat with electricity. And even with all the new bulbs etc., cutting back on lighting to a minimum doesn’t help much. Most people heat with electricity. Wood is getting to be just as expensive. Smoke bothers a lot of people.

Seniors’ pay cheques do not cover the high cost of electric heat without doing without food or other essentials. So hopefully our next government in power will tramp on their toes. (Emera’s)

So better health care means more workers, means more jobs and more doctors required. And give us less cost for electric bills. It was a sad day the province gave up the power as we know it.

Laverne McGann,

Beaver Brook