LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The streets of Truro are an embarrassment

And it takes a toll on our vehicles

Published on April 29, 2017

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To the editor: I just changed over to my summer tires and I paid $58 for balancing and $80 for an alignment.

With tax, my cost was $158.70 and my biggest concern is how long will my tires remain balanced and aligned. You cannot drive in Truro more than 25 feet or so without hitting a pothole, with some being several centimetres deep.

Our streets are an embarrassment to the citizens and visitors. Dropping a spoon of asphalt on a hole will not help and the town needs to allocate the major portion of its budget for repairs. Many expenses should be deferred for one year until we can drive safely on our roads.

Time for positive action please.

Richard Randall,