Animals deserve dignity, respect

Published on March 3, 2017

To the editor,

Just over a month after the article “Women bear witness at livestock auction” was posted and the subsequent response “Woman who visited livestock auction missing the point,” video footage has been released of this same auction showing a cow being aggressively jabbed with a cane in her sensitive underside, punched in her engorged udder, and shoved multiple times with a metal gate, all while workers yelled at the distressed animal.

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and the group “Animal Justice” is already filing animal cruelty complaints for these acts.

People view activists as “extreme” but this is exactly why they are necessary.

If someone were to treat a cat or a dog like this, nearly everyone would be outraged, but because cows are considered a commodity and not a living being, most people will not care about this. Somehow, because an animal is considered a food source, violence against them is tolerated and even expected.

If people are going to eat animals, the least they can do is treat them with dignity and respect. Animal abuse is illegal against all animals, not just those considered as pets.

I was born and raised in Truro, and right now, I am ashamed to say so.

Joel Adams,