Headline misses the mark

Published on February 17, 2017

Too bad the piece about the release of some 2016 census results was titled Population of Truro Falls Behind National Growth Rate (Truro Daily News, Feb. 9, 2017).

It missed a chance to celebrate Truro’s population growth over the past five years. 

In fact, the headline is false. To fall behind something, you had to have been equal or ahead of it. Truro, like almost every community in Nova Scotia, including Halifax, was already behind the national population growth rate in the previous census as well this one.

The greater Truro area achieved a 2.2 per cent population growth compared to Nova Scotia’s overall 0.2 increase. That means nearly 500 more people live here now than in 2011. Good news! And you can feel the momentum when you step out to places like the new library and town square.

Mark Austin

Old Barns