More education champions needed

To the editor,

Published on June 20, 2014

(Re: It’s time to be daring, Truro Daily News, June 13, 2014, Page 6)

Susan MacQuarrie is right. She is also brave in taking exception to her own school board’s lack of leadership by postponing any decision on the Minister of Education Karen Casey’s request for 10 months.


As discouraged as we, the Wentworth School Sustainability Association, are by the decision made by the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, we are equally encouraged by the few conscientious board members like MacQuarrie. We need more people like MacQuarrie involved in our public education system.


We are hopeful that minister Casey will show the kind of leadership and trust we expect in our elected officials by treating rural school closure decisions with the fairness and respect they deserve. As MacQuarrie suggests, could anyone reasonably expect elementary-aged children to spend more than two hours a day in bus transit or to have their community split down the middle with our children going to two different schools in Oxford and Pugwash?


Wentworth School Sustainability Association