French day-care centre gem in community

To the editor,

Published on May 2, 2014

Smiling faces, fun, laughter and a first introduction to the French language. Who wouldn't want that for their child?

I am writing to inform our community about a virtually unknown gem in child care service, which is open to everyone with children between the ages of 18 months to five years regardless of their culture. Le Jardin d’Enfants is a licensed, non-profit organization that offers early exposure to the French language.

With their French inspired curriculum they offer a program that includes circle time, singing songs, story time and listening to music in French. In addition to this, they encourage the children to express themselves through play and creative activities. They offer a professional, yet home-like atmosphere where the children learn basic life skills as they grow and develop. There is an amazingly high quality of care to all of the children, which allows them to thrive.

Le Jardin d'Enfants is located at the École Acadienne de Truro and has been very fortunate to have the generous support of both the École Acadienne de Truro and the Centre Communautaire de Truro. Parents and staff have been working determinedly on fundraising to put towards construction of a new community daycare centre, but are also looking for sponsors so as to be able to expand and maximize their potential.

It is my hope that our community embraces this unique facility and helps to support them so that they are able to provide their exceptional and distinctive services for years to come.

Tanya Boam