Thumbs up, thumbs down

Published on July 20, 2014
Thumbs up, thumbs down

RCMP on the lookout for good behaviour

A new program has been launched to recognize and award good behaviour.

The Driver Reward Program is an initiative formed through a partnership between the Colchester RCMP officers and the Cobequid chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  The program, which began in June, is beginning a second wave of handing out certificates donated by local businesses. RCMP that see someone exhibiting good behaviour, such as being a designated driver or pulling over to make a cellphone call, offer the certificate as a reward.

It is unfortunate sometimes people perceive an interaction with a police officer as a negative experience and this is one way to curb that feeling.



Homeless man a victim


A former Truro man was recently the victim of a violent attack in North Sydney. Shawn Kurtis Jack, 48, was found beaten in the parking lot of a grocery store on July 14 and was taken to a Halifax hospital with head injuries.

Many people may not recognize the name, but Jack was a familiar face in Truro who could be seen walking around town wearing a camoflague jacket and wide brimmed with his dog in tow.

Two people were arrested following this incident and are facing a number of charges, including attempted murder, aggravated assault, wearing a disguise with intent to commit an offence and more.

Media have reported Jack was living in a wooded area behind the grocery store where he was found injured. This sickening incident shines a light on the all-too-real dangers faced by the homeless on a daily basis.



Helping hands welcome


Debert recently welcomed a group of people who have brought tremendous joy to the community. Sixteen missionaries, from teenagers to seniors, are visiting from Summerville, South Carolina.

They come to the province each year to “plant new churches” as part of a partnership between the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the Canadian Baptist Convention.

It is a reminder how kindness and service to others can be extremely rewarding and we applaud their efforts. It also should serve to inspire those from this area to seek ways to volunteer.