New initiatives heating up at the Cougar Dome in time for the summer

Published on June 13, 2014

By Tanya Colburne

Happy summer (well, almost) Chatter readers. The weather hasn’t been perfect, but as soon as we saw the first glimpse of sun, we decided to kick-off our summer activities, in hopes that it may bring on the summer weather that much quicker.

That said, let me fill you in on all of our excitement.

As I mentioned in the last edition of Cougar Dome Chatter, we have joined forces with the Truro Tennis Club, and already, we are seeing the benefits of working together to grow tennis in Truro.

There are kids and adults of all ages and ability levels on the courts living life, having fun and staying fit, which as you know, is exactly what we set out to achieve.

For those who may be interested in giving the game a try, and/or for those who may merely be looking to have some fun in the sun (or in The Cougar Dome, if the weather plays a dirty hand), give us a call, drop us an email, or visit our website to find the program, membership or drop-in option that works best for you. As Tennis Tim says, “it’s going to be a terrific tennis summer in Truro.”

For all students, aged 5 to 14, who will soon see your school year come to an end, remember to reserve your spot now for our All Sorts of Sports and/or our Champions Start Here summer camps, starting June 30.

In addition to our latest round of tennis programming, and our two summer camps, we’ve been investing our time and energy focusing on a few new initiatives to be hosted here at the Dome.

First and foremost, ultimate frisbee. Having played myself in both Halifax and Ottawa, I can attest to the love for the game, and having talked to a number of community members here in Colchester, there seems to be a keen interest in getting an ultimate frisbee league underway. We are happy to take on that task, and host the league each week, but we need to confirm numbers, so if you’re interested, send us an email atinfo@cougardome.caor give us a call at 843-4171.

As soon as we have the numbers required, we’ll get things rolling. Keep in mind, there are no rain out dates, as all league play will be hosted in our climate controlled Dome!

From ultimate frisbee, we move to Pickleball. We already know there’s a keen interest in this sport, and in speaking with the Town of Truro and the Village of Bible Hill, although they have all recreational play well in hand, we’ve determined we may be able to assist on the competitive front.

Anyone interested in playing competitive Pickelball can confirm interest by contacting us here at the Dome.

Now, to move away from sport all together, I want to introduce you to something we are very excited about – the Summer Café Series. The Cougar Dome, together with Subway Café, will be hosting the Summer Café Series every second Friday, starting June 27.

The Summer Café Series is an opportunity for all of you, young or old, to showcase your talents, whatever they may be. Picture juggling acts, musical entertainment, magic, acrobatic acts – the more unique and/or spectacular, the better.

To become involved, auditions will be held at the Dome on Tuesdays, starting June 17 with the top three finalists advancing to the Friday showcase. During each Friday night performance, a winner will be selected by fans’ silent ballot votes, and each Friday winner will offer their finale performance on August 22, after which, our top performer will be announced.

As an added bonus, we’ll have a special guest appearance during each Café Series event. So, have we piqued your interest yet? If so, and you wish to audition, please contact me atdirector@cougardome.caor 843-4172.


Ok, before I sign-off, I must go back to tennis for a minute, as I wish to share some “honorable mentions.” First, with reference to the BIG CAT, organized by our own Sid MacIsaac, I want to say thank you. After 91 matches, between 32 players, playing in six divisions, we’re safe to say, it was a huge success. Title winners included:

Men’s Singles: Munish Annand

Women’s Singles: Jane Richards

Mixed Doubles A: Sid MacIsaac & Jane Richards

Mixed Doubles B: TBA

Combined Doubles: Don Flynn & Don Cameron

Men’s Doubles: Murali Srinivasan & Munish Annand

Thank you for keeping things interesting with 17 matches going to third set tiebreakers; that’s some exciting on court action.


Speaking of on court action, my second honorable mention goes out to Tennis Tim for his efforts relative to our cardio tennis program. For those who have not given it a try (whether you’re a tennis player or not), you have to With low intensity to high intensity options, all focused on fitness, and no tennis skills required, I have no doubt that you will be addicted after giving Cardio Tennis a try. The first trial is free, and the best part – the whole class is conducted to music – we truly rock out on the courts. We’ve got hip hop, 50/60’s, disco – you name it. You can’t help, but have a good time.


Tanya Colburne is the facility director for the Cougar Dome in Truro. Her column will appear monthly in the Truro Daily News and is available on