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Halifax dog missing in Ontario after WestJet put him on the wrong plane -UPDATE- Cooper has been found


A search is underway in Ontario for a dog that was placed on the wrong WestJet flight and then got loose.

On Thursday, Tanya Simon posted on the ‘Lost and Found Pets in Hamilton Ontario’ Facebook page:

“Please help! My daughter and her room mate lost their beloved labradoodle. They put him on a west jet flight to NL so they could send him to be taken care of by family, to attend my wedding in Jamaica. WEST JET put him on the wrong flight to Hamilton and a staff member took him out of his kennel to pee and lost him! He is running loose and scared of loud noise and men.”

There are many comments from people saying they will keep an eye out of him and a few about possible sightings but the dog, whose name is Cooper, is still missing.

Terri Pittman flew to Hamilton to search for her dog after the airline let her know what had happened, and is being helped by some local volunteers.

She has asked that anyone with information that would help her find Cooper call 709 457-7308.


Udate: Cooper was found Friday morning and is now with his family. He appears to be healthy and extremely happy.

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