Army commander hopes days of scrounging for money to train soldiers are over

Published on September 5, 2017

OTTAWA — Canadian Army commander Lt.-Gen. Paul Wynnyk is hoping the days of having to pinch pennies just to train his soldiers are over.

Much of the attention around the Trudeau government's new defence policy has been focused on the large amounts of money promised for new equipment such as fighter jets and warships.

The army will also benefit from this bonanza, with new air-defence weapons and logistical vehicles to come from the $62 billion the government has promised for the Canadian Forces over the next 20 years.

But Wynnyk says what has him most excited isn't just new equipment, but a promise from the government to provide enough money to train Canada's soldiers.

Wynnyk says the army has in recent years had to divert money away from other areas, such as infrastructure, to ensure it can keep its troops trained to the required level.

The army commander also has high hopes for what the defence policy means for the military reserves, which have struggled with a significant shortage of people and resources in recent years.

The Canadian Press