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Tire burning protest being held in Truro


TRURO, NS - Lydia Sorflaten is concerned about the chemicals in the air if Lafarge burns tires, and to ensure more people are aware of the dangers she’s helped organize a tire burning protest.

The protest will be held in Victoria Square, across from the Superstore, Thursday at 11 a.m.

“Lafarge has given its version and many people have only heard that version,” said Sorflaten, who is part of Citizens Against Burning of Tires (CABOT). “They have an old kiln and should not be allowed to burn tires. This affects our health, environment and the world.”

She said burning tires creates high amounts of dioxins, furans

Tires are high in chlorine and when burned create dioxins and furans, which are known carcinogens and spread over a radius of 100 miles.

The government of Nova Scotia granted a permit allowing the Lafarge Brookfield Cement Plant to burn 350,000 tires per year.

The Thursday morning gathering will include Gretchen Fitzgerald, national director of the Sierra Club; Mark Butler, policy advisor with the Ecology Action Centre; and Sorflaten.

Divert NS has been invited to have a representative take part.

”This is an issue that’s important for everyone,” said Sorflaten. “We share the air.”

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