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Business under RCMP scrutiny

BIBLE HILLA Bible Hill businessman is the subject of an RCMP investigation involving six separate fraud-related complaints.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke said the complaints were lodged this year relating to business transactions involving Mike Upton of Better Built Construction on Pictou Road. The RCMP is also interested in hearing from anyone else with concerns about business dealings with Upton.

“We would absolutely encourage people who feel they have been a victim of fraud to contact the RCMP,” Clarke said.

Tuesday, the Truro Daily News published a story involving a Shortt’s Lake man who paid a $3,600 deposit towards a $4,200 shed that was never delivered.

Paul Higgins ordered the shed at the end of April and decided to go public with his story after receiving numerous excuses from Upton about its state of completion and why it had not been delivered as promised.

After filing an application with small claims court and contacting the media, Higgins said he recently received two return payments from Upton totaling $3,000 but assurances of receiving the final $600 have so far not been kept.

Peter Moorhouse, president and CEO of the Atlantic Provinces’ Better Business Bureau, said he is also “doing our best” to warn people about this company.

“We have business reviews for three companies linked to Mike Upton,” Moorhouse said.

Over the past year, he said, BBB has received 12 complaints and 1,701 inquiries involving Mike Upton Solid Wood Mini Barns; six complaints and 252 inquiries involving Pictou Road Solid Wood Construction; and two complaints and 25 inquiries regarding Better Built Construction.

The Daily News has received several other similar complaints from people who said they paid deposits to Upton without having their sheds delivered or deposits returned.

Contacted regarding the complaints, Upton told TDN he is trying to change the way he conducts business and is no longer accepting deposits when taking orders for sheds.

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