Colchester County's Wayward Cats looking for barn homes for feral felines

Published on March 1, 2017

This little cat was trapped in Bible Hill in February. Wayward Cats is desperately in need of barn homes for some of the cats, who are spayed/neutered.

©Lynn Curwin/TC Media

TRURO, N.S. – Do you have a barn in need of a cat? If so, Wayward Cats would love to hear from you.

The society operates a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program, usually letting the cats go in the same area where they were caught, but sometimes the cats need to be relocated.

“We’re desperately looking for barns,” said Sarah MacLean, a volunteer who often traps the cats. “There’s a constant need.”

Sometimes colonies have so many animals a caretaker can’t feed them all and sometimes the only human in the area is moving away.

Wayward Cats has the animals spayed/neutered and treated for parasites, and each colony is tested for disease. Because a cat is unlikely to enter a trap a second time they need to have a new home ready when they are captured for surgery.

The cats are feral or semi-feral and some are seldom seen after being placed in barns but the numbers of rodents decrease. Others become comfortable in the presence of their caretaker and will spend time near them. All the barn owner needs to provide for the cats is shelter, food and water.

Wayward Cats also appreciates any donations of food, traps or pet carriers.

The group can be contacted at or through Facebook.