Welcome to the world, baby Claire

Truro’s New Year’s baby born Jan. 4

Published on January 9, 2017

Lyndsey Rafuse and Collin Riddiford are thrilled with their New Year’s baby, Claire, who was born Jan. 4.

©Lynn Curwin/TC Media

TRURO, N.S. – Babies are always the centre of attention but Claire Riddiford drew more attention than most: she was the first baby of 2017 born at the Truro hospital.

Although the due date had been Dec. 27, Claire Dorothy Cassandra Riddiford was born by caesarian section on Jan. 4, weighing eight pounds 10 ounces.

“When she was born I could see everything reflected in the lamp and it blew my mind,” said mom, Lyndsey Rafuse. “It was just amazing.”


Lyndsey Rafuse’s daughter Claire Riddiford was the first baby born at the Colchester-East Hants Health Centre this year. She was born Jan. 4.
Lynn Curwin/TC Media

Her friend Sam Wallace was with her for much of the labour and the caesarian, and cut the umbilical cord. Her partner, Collin Riddiford, who is squeamish, was outside of the delivery room sending updates to friends and family.

Lyndsey has a teenage daughter who was born at the old hospital and hadn’t been in the new maternity ward before.

“It’s more than I expected, just amazing, and the staff were phenomenal,” she said. “Everyone was so much help.”

Special gifts were also delivered for Claire because she was the first baby of the year.

Lyndsey almost had the baby on her own birthday, which is Jan. 7.

Although she is sore she is enjoying time with her newborn, who is a good sleeper.

“She’s the calmest baby I’ve ever dealt with and she’s wonderful,” she added. “I didn’t know I could feel so much pain and yet be so happy.”