Town agrees to help fund dehumidification upgrade for RECC

Lynn Curwin
Published on January 9, 2017

The Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro needs a dehumidification system upgrade. The new recommended system will cost more than $530,000, with the Town of Truro covering 40 per cent of the cost. The County of Colchester will decide if it will pay the remaining 60 per cent during a meeting on Jan. 26.

©Joey Smith/TC Media

TRURO – Town council voted to contribute up to $213,000 to upgrade the dehumidification system at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC), provided the county also contributes its share of the total cost.

During Monday’s council meeting, a motion to cover 40 per cent of the amount required (with the Municipality of Colchester County paying the other 60 per cent) passed unanimously.

“The number disturbs me but I think we have no choice; we’re in too deep,” said Coun. Wayne Talbot, during the meeting.

Other councillors echoed his sentiments.

The RECC has been experiencing excessive moisture in the arena when temperatures and/or humidity is high. This has resulted in some events being cancelled because of fog over the ice and moisture on glass obscuring vision. It is also causing deterioration of systems and the structure.

MCW Maricor studied the system and said it is only capable of removing about 80 pounds of moisture per hour, while the facility should have a system that can remove 600-800 pounds.

The company recommended a system that is able to remove 805 pounds of moisture per hour and costs $532,000, including additional ductwork and piping.

The county will make its decision on Jan. 26.