Kiki cares for cats

Lynn Curwin
Published on January 9, 2017

Kiki Lynch cuddles her favourite cat Ginger Ale. Because of her concern for cats, the six-year-old had children bring donations for Wayward Cats, instead of toys, to her last birthday party.

©Lynn Curwin/TC Media

TRURO, N.S. – Kiki Lynch got bags of cat food for her sixth birthday, but that was one of the things she’d asked for.

Kiki told her friends she wanted them to bring food and monetary donations to help Wayward Cats, care for feral cats in the area. She collected $54, along with food and treats.

“I like to help cats because they’re so cuddly and I don’t want them to go hungry,” she said.

The cat she enjoys spending the most time with is a ginger and white one she named Ginger Ale.

He was born to a feral cat and went to live with Kiki and her family as a young kitten.

He will now allow her to dress him up and wheel him around the house in a stroller.

“I love cats a lot and I want to raise money for them again,” she said. “It’s sad when people don’t take care of them.”

Kiki said she hopes to have eight cats living in her home when she grows up, and she’ll also continue to try to help those who are feral.

Her mother, Theresa, is a volunteer with Wayward Cats.