It’s a long story: tiny dachshunds in need of care placed in foster homes

Lynn Curwin
Published on September 6, 2016

MIDDLE STEWIACKE, N.S. - Diane Redden cried when she saw the condition of seven little dogs.

They had recently come into the care of Atlantic Canadian Dachshund Rescue (ACDR).

 Aug. 28, 19 miniature dachshunds were scooped up from a New Brunswick location where many had been used for breeding. Some were rehomed quickly, but the seven requiring the most medical attention are now in ACDR foster homes, thanks to travel assistance from Maritime Animal Transport.

“They all need dental work done, and at least three of them need all of their teeth removed,” said Redden, a Middle Stewiacke resident and president of ACDR. “Between them they have nasal polyps, mammary tumours and Cushings. They’re not house trained so their foster families are working on that, as well as getting them used to grass and stairs.”

The dogs range in age from five to 13 and all are loving the care and attention they now receive.

“Dachshunds are tenacious, funny and loyal,” said Redden. “They have so much personality.”

She had only large dogs until about 13 years ago, when she visited a nearby breeder and fell in love with the dachshunds. She got one pup, now a senior, and one of seven dachshunds.

In 2011 she co-founded ACDR, a registered non-profit organization that now has six directors and more than 40 volunteers. The majority of their rescue work is done in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The little dogs are popular, and there is a waiting list of approved homes waiting to adopt.

“I hate asking for money but that’s what the dogs really need right now,” said Redden. “Once the vet work is done they will feel much more comfortable.”

Anyone interested in helping with veterinary costs for the dachshunds can send e-transfers to or donate through PayPal at . ACDR is run by volunteers and all money donated goes toward the dogs’ needs.

More information can be found on the ACRD website at or the Canadian Dachshund Rescue Atlantic Region Facebook page. A video of the dogs can be seen on YouTube at .


Atlantic Canadian Dachshund Rescue holds two annual events.

Halloweenie is being held at Playful Paws, in Dartmouth, at 2 p.m. on Oct. 30. People are encouraged to dress their dachshunds in costumes.

Wienerpawlooza is held in June.