Aerial look at Park Street offers an interesting perspective

Harry Sullivan
Published on December 28, 2016

©George Kharma photo

TRURO, N.S. – When George Kharma found himself caught up in traffic Tuesday, rather than just grumble, he decided to get a better perspective.

“I thought yesterday since I got stuck in traffic why not go and see how bad it was, to get an aerial look to see what was causing this continually,” he said on Wednesday.

“So I thought if we had some real good aerial footage people could see what exactly they’re up against. And it looks like it’s really only that short little piece of roadway,” he said, indicating a stretch between the railroad tracks and the Park Street bridge.

So the next morning Kharma took his drone and flew it over the Park Street area to record the extent of the ice jam that had flooded and shut down the street for the past couple of days.

As he was flying his drone and videoing the area, Kharma also wondered why traffic authorities don’t simply build a causeway to eliminate the flooding issue that causes so many issues each year.

“They did it in Pictou, they did it in Cape Breton,” said the Valley resident who has turned his drone hobby of a few years into a small side business.

“Really it’s just an interest I found by looking online and looking at cool shots of drones.”

Kharma is also a team member of drone program with Halifax Regional Fire service.

©George Kharma photo


©George Kharma photo

©George Kharma photo