Brojects filming for second season in Great Village

Lynn Curwin
Published on October 3, 2016

GREAT VILLAGE – The bros are back in Great Village.

The dynamic duo are filming season two of their television series “Brojects: In the House.”

Andrew and Kevin Buckles have completed several projects at the old lodge in the village and are working on new and unusual ones such as a golf room and an indoor track where they will race mobility scooters.

“The shower was one of the latest things we did and it should have been first,” said Kevin. “We went with the whimsical before the things you need in a house and it was really hard living without a shower.”

The brothers grew up in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and Kevin now lives in Halifax, while Andrew is on the west coast. They stay in the Great Village building while shooting and have also had friends and family stay.

“There was more stress at first, when we were more set in our ways,” said Andrew. “Now we take an idea and see what happens to it. What we have in the end may not be what we envisioned but we’ve never had a total failure.”

Andrew has had a little training in building techniques but most of what the Buckles’ know was learned through hands-on work.

“Some people think we’re experts and we get requests from people asking us to build for them,” he said.

People often let them know their projects inspired them to do something, sending photos and videos of what they’ve done.

“It’s great to be able to do that,” said Kevin. “We come up with an idea and work around the problems. There are a lot of ways to get around something that lead to a better end than first planned. We design on the fly and aren’t tied to an idea. We also have a lot of laughs. This is a fun place to be.”

Completed projects include a bar, skate ramp, coffee bar, bed pods, indoor beach and a nature-themed bathroom with an “indoor outhouse.” The stage was kept intact and several musical instruments have been set up.

The entire crew comes up with ideas for projects.

“This is a bunch of creative people and they all help find weird and wacky projects that fit into this space,” said Andrew.

The brothers say they know they’re finished when they run out of space. They hope that when things are complete, the space will be something the community can use.

Watching the show and virtual reality videos

Season 2 of “Brojects: In The House” will be shown on Cottage Life in March 2017. Repeats of season 1, which also included filming in Great Village, can be seen on Cottage Life and six virtual reality videos can be seen on Cottage Life’s DIY YouTube channel or by downloading the free Brojects VR App (for iOS and Android) from the App Store and Google Play. All six VR videos were shot in Great Village.

Virtual reality videos can be seen at Details on how to use the viewer can be found at .