Great Village hall receiving makeover for Brojects series

Lynn Curwin
Published on September 18, 2015

GREAT VILLAGE - A former Masonic Lodge in Great Village will be the star as it undergoes a transformation for television reality series, "Brojects: In the House."

Andrew and Kevin Buckles are the bros in ‘Brojects, a Cottage Life,' a series where they complete some very unusual projects. The first two seasons were filmed at a family cottage in Guysborough, but for the upcoming season, airing in the spring of 2016, they will be doing much of the work indoors on the old lodge they purchased this summer.

"We looked around for quite a while to find the right building," said Kevin. "We needed something wide open with high ceilings and character, and we wanted to be in a small community. There weren't as many places as we expected that fit our needs."

The brothers grew up in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and both enjoyed working on unusual projects. When a friend who worked for a production company told them about opportunities at Cottage Life they filmed a piece and sent it in. Their show has become a success in Canada and recently began airing in the U.S.

"We have a lot of creative people and this is definitely a democracy for ideas," said Kevin. "Some people who watch the show are inspired to make things and send in pictures and videos of what they've done."

As well as the indoor "recreational" attractions, work will also be done to the structure of the building. The foundation and windows will be replaced and the walls insulated. A sensible addition like a shower will also be installed.

"Because we were working on a family cottage before, our ideas had to be vetted through the family, but here we have liberty."

The existing stage will remain and the brothers hope the building can be used by the community in the future.

They support the local area, buying many of the items being used to decorate the hall from local antique shops. If people have an unusual item they would like to donate to add to the décor they are welcome to contact them through their website.

A crew of about 12 is currently working on the series, with some long days.

"The schedule is pretty grueling and shooting is expensive so we're trying to make the most of our time," said Kevin. "We'll be shooting into February to try to finish up the season. Things are difficult because so many people with skills we need are moving away. A place we rented equipment from left. It's getting harder to do anything like this here."

Andrew said one of their main camera operators recently moved out of Nova Scotia to obtain more work.

"People depending on the film industry are definitely struggling," he added. "We'd like to keep this going as long as we can. We're really enjoying being part of this."

Kevin said the message he would like to get out to people is "Don't be afraid to try projects."

Even if things don't turn out the way they were planned, projects can still be a lot of fun.

‘Brojects: In the House' will include 13 half-hour episodes.

More information on Andrew, Kevin, their past projects and the show can be found online at .

According to Andrew Buckles, he and brother Kevin's plans evolve as they work, and often things are done on the fly. Andrew describes their Great Village project as "an adult playground," that includes, or may be outfitted with:

• a bar

• climbing wall along the staircase

• skateboarding ramp, that converts to sleeping space at night

• shuffleboard game, involving hubcaps

• miniature golf course

• firehouse pole