Theatre-based church in Truro to close

Published on August 7, 2014
Pastor Bill Martin

Points of Hope, the church in the Cineplex movie theatre, will close after its service on Sunday.

The church opened at the movie theatre in the Truro Power Centre in January of this year and has had a small congregation, up to about 20 people.

According to an email to the Truro Daily News from the church's pastor, Bill Martin, the church body wasn’t large enough or financially secure to continue.

“We connected with a few people and made a difference in a few lives. That is what ministry is all about. We did not connect with enough to make a viable church, at least a church in an expensive building,” Martin said. “Seven months is a good test, but we have not met our objective so it is time to surrender.”

The church set its goal on reaching a younger generation, largely people who have never or rarely attended a traditional church.  

“We wanted to reach people in a new way, with a greater emphasis on relationship, both within the church and the community. We were not able to connect in that way and to continue would have meant competing with existing churches and that was not our purpose,” said Martin.  

The pastor said it was a great learning experience and he'll take time to assess a “number of options” then put those lessons to work.

“It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about Truro, a lot about people, and a lot about reaching out. These are valuable lessons that will serve well in moving forward.”

Martin refuses to call the venture a failure.

“We cannot sustain the church in the theatre, but we will not give up. There is a great need out there and we are called to address it.” 

The final service for Points of Hope at the Cineplex will be Sunday at 9:45 am. Everyone is welcome to attend.