Ex offers tons of fun for everyone

Harry Sullivan hsullivan@trurodaily.com
Published on August 20, 2014
"I love this one," a beaming Daniel Chapman said after receiving a plush snake from Sabrina Christie at the Balloon Bust dart throw booth on Wednesday at Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition.

BIBLE HILL - Ahh, the midway.

Sure the goats, ponies, calves, horses and related activities that come together as part of the annual Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition are all neat in their own way.

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But for anyone whose recollections of the Ex date back to an early time or for those up-and-coming youngsters who are only beginning to build their own fond memories, it's the ooey-gooey, cotton-candy-on-fingers; the squeals of delight and the dizzying sights and sounds of the midway rides and carnival atmosphere that tends to resonate most clearly in the minds of many.

"I love this one," a beaming four-year-old Daniel Chapman of Truro says, while holding firmly to a plush snake he had just won at the Balloon Bust dart booth.

Nearby, Alicia MacKinnon, 14, of Bible Hill comes tearing off the Zipper ride with a big grin on her face as she runs up to join waiting friends.

"Loved it," she says, of the gut-churning ride.

"It was fun," adds her seat partner, Brylee Skinner, 13, of Truro, especially "the back spin parts."

Turns out the Zipper is a favourite for a lot of Ex-goers, although first-time visitor James White, 12, of Enfield and friend Brianna Larose, 12, of Truro say they both enjoyed a turn on the ferris wheel.

"I like the Zipper but I'm a little afraid of heights, Larose said. "The ferris wheel is definitely my favourite."

At the next ride over, Tara Power of Truro turns to look at her seat partner, Brian Wilson, of Lower Sackville as they exit the wild and wacky Star Trooper ride, and begins to laugh.

"Your face is as white as a ghost," she chortles.

This is Wilson's first visit to the Ex, but for Power, who grew up in Truro, it is a chance to relive childhood memories after spending 30 years living away.

"That was a long backward ride," she said. "We thought we were on the side that would go forward and then it turned around."

Wilson agrees. "I'm too old to do them now," he says, of the carnival rides.

"I like the animals better."

OK, so maybe the midway isn't everyone's favourite. Still ...


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