Firefighters take ATV to reach fire at abandoned building

Raissa Tetanish
Published on August 18, 2014

GREENFIELD – Firefighters called to a blaze at part of an abandoned home had to use all-terrain vehicles to reach the blaze.

Tim Johnson, chief of the Salmon River and District Volunteer Fire Brigade, said the call came in to the Mingo property on the Lilydale Road at about 7:50 p.m. Sunday.

“It was in the middle of nowhere, back in the woods, on a hard trail. Our trucks couldn’t get to it and we had to use an ATV,” said Johnson.

While the call came in as a structure fire, the chief said it wasn’t a structure, per se.

“It was an abandoned house that hadn’t been lived in for about 25 years, but it was only one wall still standing. There was no insurance and no real loss.”

Firefighters from Valley-Kemptown responded with mutual aid, and those from the Truro department were on standby at Salmon River’s station. Firefighters remained on scene for about 90 minutes.