Town tackles complaints about sidewalk café and traffic issues

Published on July 8, 2014
Town officials say line-of-vision complaints where a sidewalk café at the Nook and Cranny is, at the corner of Prince and Louise streets in Truro, have been addressed. Caution at the intersection remains a necessity. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News

TRURO – Town representatives say complaints about line-of-vision around a local sidewalk café have been dealt with.

Coun. Raymond Tynes told council on Monday that residents have voiced concerns to him about being able to see around a sidewalk café.

Juanita Bigelow, the town’s deputy development officer, confirmed with the Truro Daily News that the site in question is the Nook and Cranny, formerly the Wooden Hog, at the corner of Prince and Louise streets.

“We had a couple of complaints ... brought before the planning department,” she said, adding the business was told it has “to keep corners clear … no umbrellas and people … no obstacles.”

Bigelow said the recommended changes have been made and it

“should be a clear line-of-vision now.”

The town’s traffic authority official, Andrew MacKinnon, told this paper the authority was “working with (the business) before the complaints came in.”

“They need to have a 45 degree sight line from the corner … it’s the same process with all (outdoor) patio sites … it’s as if there’s a car parked there,” said MacKinnon, who acknowledged motorists and pedestrians must still “creep ahead” safely and “use caution” at that intersection.

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