Weir vandals issue public apology

Published on July 7, 2014
Darren Porter is demanding a public apology for the damage done to his weir in Bramber. If the culprits don't own up to their crime, Porter says he will be looking to get them charged.
TC Media - The Hants Journal

BRAMBER - Apology accepted.

When Darren Porter discovered the identity of the two young men who vandalized his fishing weir in Bramber, he decided to teach them a lesson – in his own way.

Rather than jumping to press mischief charges, Porter decided to give the culprits the opportunity to make amends for before he turned to the RCMP.

He asked for a public apology for the damage done on June 21. More specifically, Porter asked the men to pen a signed letter to the editor that would be published in the Hants Journal.

Porter, of Upper Burlington, said he’d forgive the men for slicing up a $1,500 fishing net, causing him to miss out on an estimated $2,000 worth of fish, if they followed his instructions.

The way Porter sees it, he left the men with a difficult choice to make, and they chose wisely.

Matt Davidson and Corey Faulkenham, both of Wolfville, submitted their public apology for the July 10 edition of the Hants Journal.

“We would like to apologize to Darren Porter, his workers and the community of the Hants Shore for cutting his net,” the letter reads. “It was a regrettable mistake that we wish we could take back. We truly weren't thinking at the time, and he can be assured nothing like this will ever happen again.”

The letter is perfection in Porter’s eyes. There was no blame shifting – no ifs, ands or buts. It was exactly what he wanted, a sincere apology for all to see.

“They will forever be remembered for their crime. If they just took the fine likely no one would remember their names,” Porter said.

Porter said he’d accept if the men offered to help pay for the damaged net but, as far as he’s concerned, they are forgiven. He just hopes they end up becoming better men as a result of this experience.

“If you don’t forgive, you’re the one that loses,” he said.