Woman recounts tale of accident caused by beaver

'I had no idea beavers would take down trees so close to the road'

Published on July 30, 2014
RCMP photo of the offending tree.

SOURIS — Paula Chaisson has a very good story, one that her late musician father might have even written a song about.

It’s not every day a tree comes out of nowhere and falls on your vehicle; especially one felled by Canada’s national symbol and, in this case, a very criminally responsible rodent.

The daughter of the late singer/songwriter Lemmie Chaisson was heading to the beach Saturday afternoon with husband J.F. Goulet and children Sophia and Felix when they saw a tree swaying ahead of them along Route 2 near Priest Pond.

“We were heading to Campbell’s Cove to meet friends and go swimming,’’ she said Tuesday. “We were following a friend and the tree came down towards them like the wind had taken it.”

But there was no such time for the Chaisson family, who live in Montreal, to cry “timber” and they watched helplessly while the tree came down and hit their Rav 4.

It struck the passenger side windshield then rolled over the top of their vehicle, taking out the cargo box and roof rack and then rolled off the back.

“It happened so fast we didn’t even know what was going on,” she told The Guardian.

“I had no idea beavers would take down trees so close to the road.”

No one was hurt but their vehicle needs some extensive body work. They don’t believe they were targeted by the rogue rodent, but the RCMP has yet to determine if the malicious mammal was a malcontent.

“We have insurance and we’re waiting for parts, but I’m glad I’m not an actual tourist,’’ said Chaisson, now staying with family in Rollo Bay.

“There isn’t a single car for rent on the entire Island right now.”