Police arrest man for bank fraud scheme in Halifax

Metro Halifax comments@cbpost.com
Published on July 30, 2014

HALIFAX - Investigators have made an arrest connected to a fraud scheme in Halifax.

A release from Halifax Regional Police states that between July 1 and 26, 13 people were approached by a man claiming he was having problems making a deposit to his own bank account.

The man gave the victims an envelope supposedly containing cash or a cheque and asked them to deposit it into their bank account, withdraw money, and give it to the man.

The envelope was empty, so the victims lost their money.

Investigators arrested a man in connection with the scheme at a Gottingen Street address on Tuesday. The 30-year-old is facing 13 counts of fraud under $5,000 and 13 counts of breaching an undertaking.

Anyone who has been the victim of a similar incident should contact police immediately.