Inside ‘Ask your MLA where they stand on the fracking issue’

Published on July 27, 2014
The McDonalds restaurants in Truro experiencing staffing difficulties following a recent moratorium on the federal temporary foreign workers program, and the situation will only get worse, the local owners says.

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Re: ‘Changes to temporary foreign workers program will have long-term negative affects, industry proponents say’


“If these restaurants paid a decent living wage they would not have any problems with staffing. “And it was very costly for me as a businessman because I had invested quite a bit of money in this program.” If you spent this money on increased wages, I assure you there would be no labour issues.”

David Watters



Re: ‘Fracking report won’t suggest to government what should be done next


“The expert panel is conflicted with their special profit interests making money on fracking and on citizen conflict with fracking. It is up to us, the people, to say no, and encourage this Liberal government with its majority to impose a ban on fracking. Ask your MLA where they stand on the fracking issue.”

Joanne MacPherson



Re: ‘Temporary home for homeless dog


“This dog was loved. One day in the pouring rain, the owner and the dog were outside the Bulk Barn in Truro and the owner had his rain jacket over his dog to protect him from the rain. It touched me. When I left the Bulk Barn, I passed the owner a nice large dog treat for his dog.”

– ARedmond



Re: ‘Intent of bicycle safety letter misinterpreted


“The benefits of cycling can be better enjoyed with safety of all in mind. This means cooperation between pedestrians, cyclists and auto drivers. There is plenty of room on the roads for cars and bikes that are used lawfully, and no room for bikes or other wheeled vehicles on sidewalks. Even with the occasional accidents, the benefits of cycling on the health of riders with a significant accumulation of exercise far outweigh the downsides. One should hope that the law enforcement folks would manage cyclists and drivers in order to allow walkers the comfort of not having a bike injury. It has been many years since I cycled in Truro, but I remember it as a great place and area for cycling. I am looking forward to riding there this September with the Give to Live Foundation coming from Ottawa through Truro to Ottawa. We won’t be on the sidewalks, promise…and we know the drivers will give us our four feet of space. Good luck to cyclists, our hearts and bodies depend on using the roadways, not the sidewalks.”

– Bruce Boss



Re: ‘Truro parents fight back at neuroblastoma


“To Ryan Cooke, thank you for your skillful and eloquent reporting of an interview which darted all over the map. Without talented and dedicated reporters such as yourself, our cause would have gone nowhere. We are grateful to the media for helping to keep our story alive and urgent. I am thinking that the four faces in your photo represent a massive amount of love, hope, promise, and determination. Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Diana Birrell




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-      Court date set for accused cat killer: Published online on July 21: A man accused of killing a Truro family’s pet cat is set to appear in provincial court next month. Stephen Gregory Tynes, 29, will appear before a judge on Aug. 27.

-      Roop’s Esso wins bid to become an NSLC agency store: Published online on July 23: Roop’s Esso has been granted approval to open a Nova Scotia Liquor Commission agency store in the village.

-      Temporary home for homeless dog: Published online on July 23: The pit bull belonging to the homeless man who recently endured a brutal attack might not have had a roof over his head, but officials at the Cape Breton SPCA say he sure isn’t lacking in the love department. Chico has been staying at the branch while his owner, Shawn Kurtis Jack, recovers in hospital after being attacked.

-      Federal prison time for Shubie man convicted of holding up convenience stores: Published online on July 24: Claude Levi Maloney, 25, was sentenced to 46 months in prison after using threats of violence while robbing the Needs convenience store in Salmon River. He pleaded guilty to stealing 18 packs of cigarettes last March while having his face concealed with a mask. He also pleaded guilty to attempting to steal from a convenience store in Elmsdale.

-      Fox falls asleep aboard Ottawa city bus: Published online on July 24: A fox stuck onto an Ottawa city bus and took a nap on a seat, which prompted temporary Internet fame after photos of the situation surfaced. The fox eventually took off on its own after getting some shut eye on the out-of-service bus.



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-      Changes to temporary foreign workers program will have long-term negative affects, industry proponents say

-      Community school council shut out of Wentworth school

-      Fracking report won’t suggest to government what should be done next

-      Truro parents fight back at neuroblastoma

-      Great Village bridge replacement