House arrest for Truro woman who pled guilty to theft

Published on July 24, 2014

TRURO - A Truro woman who pled guilty to various counts of theft was recently given a 12-month conditional sentence.

Melissa Grace Faulkner, 29, of 77 Willow St., Apt. 1, was ordered to serve 120 days of house arrest after pleading guilty to stealing from a Tim Horton's restaurant, the Ultramar store in Truro, Fraser's Pharmacy in Bible Hill and the Atlantic Superstore in Truro.

She also pled guilty to various counts of breaching probation and court orders.

During her conditional sentence and the subsequent 12 months probation she must serve, Faulkner is prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances, must not use drugs and successfully take counselling for alcohol/drug use, mental health issues, grief management and life skills.

She is further banned from entering Fraser's Pharmacy, Tim Horton's or the Ultramar store on Willow Street.