No Ex parade but the show will go on

Harry Sullivan
Published on July 22, 2014

Bruce Kennedy, chairman of the NSPE commission, said while this will not be a growth year at the Ex, the  primary economic-generating activities will be business as usual.


BIBLE HILL -There will be no parade this year but otherwise it will be pretty much business as usual for the 2014 Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition (NSPE).

"There's going to be a fair bit of stuff going on," said Bruce Kennedy, chairman of the NSPE commission. "It's not the year you are going to see the growth (which is expected next year). It was a matter of stabilizing the site and getting the events stabilized," he said, in reference to the board restructuring being put in place after the property was taken over by the provincial government last winter.

"The exhibition is going to happen," he said. "The events that bring the economic activity to the area are still happening."

This will be the second time in three years the exhibition will not be kick-started by its annual parade, which was also cancelled in 2012.

But with all the disruptions that occurred after the previous board was relieved of its responsibilities by the province last winter, Kennedy said the personnel was just not available this year to pull it all together.

"Where we're weak in our overall administration, it's very hard to pull someone away to do specialty items and ... no one stepped up to do that," he said.

Ex-goers can still expect to see the normal midway attractions, however, along with more stage entertainment for children and adults alike.

There will also be livestock shows, horse and oxen pulls and activities involving miniature horse and ponies.

"From the livestock perspective, people will see as much as they ever saw," Kennedy said.

And, in the gasoline-fueled horsepower events, three days of demolition derby shows.

Although the regular rodeo shows will not be part of this year's Ex, organizers are adding a new element in the form of redneck games.

Those activities will include hay rolling and hay tossing, a partner-carrying competition, wheelbarrow races and a form of horseshoes using toilet seats.

This year's exhibition runs from Aug. 19 to 23 with 4-H Day set for the 18th. There is no admission fee for that day's activities.

Admission to the Ex remains the same as last year at $8 for adults and $4 for children.

And any individuals or service organizations that wish to provide volunteer help are encouraged to call Lynn in the administration office at 893-9222.

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