Lights out for Loft Cabaret, RailYard Pub

Raissa Tetanish
Published on July 2, 2014

TRURO – Two recently renovated establishments have closed their doors.

Damian Byrne, the chief executive officer of Landmark Hospitality Group, confirmed the closure of the RailYard Pub and Loft Cabaret as of June 30.

“It was just not economically feasible to keep them open any longer,” said Byrne from his office in Halifax.

The group took over the establishments two years ago in March, he said. The company also boasts logos for the Split Crow Pub and Ryan Duffy’s on its website, along with Landmark Catering and Dr. Sharp’s Roadhouse.

“There are lots of plans for the buildings, but nothing is concrete,” he said. “There are opportunities to open as something else – I’m sure you can tell what other establishments we operate – but it wouldn’t be a competing brand for the area.”

He said the buildings will be listed for sale to “see what’s out

there” on the market.

When the businesses closed, Byrne said close to 25 people lost their jobs.

“They were given a layoff notice on June 30,” he said.

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