Bank inspector scam making rounds again in Truro

Published on July 2, 2014
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TRURO – The local police is warning residents that a well-known scam is once again making its rounds.

Truro Police Service Deputy Chief Jim Flemming said the department got a call on June 27 about the ‘bank inspector scam.’

“A woman was ready to call a cab and go take $4,200 out of the bank to try and catch the teller, but she changed her mind and didn’t do it,” said Flemming.

There are variations to the bank inspector scam, however it plays out with someone receiving a phone call. The person on the other end knows the recipient’s name and claims to be someone from a bank, and explains that the bank is investigating a series of fraud cases committed by staff.

The caller asks the recipient to withdraw a large sum of money from their account that will be inspected and used as evidence in the investigation. Because the “crime” is being committed by someone in the bank, the caller advises the recipient not to explain the withdraw.

When the money has been withdrawn, the victim is advised to meet the caller at a nearby destination where the money is handed over for an investigation. The victim is then instructed to go home and await a call confirming the money has been re-deposited – a phone call that never comes.

“We had a call about this scam before Christmas,” said Flemming. “We usually seem to get calls about it just before Christmas and then again in the spring. It seems like the caller is usually around until he gets one or two victims, then is gone again.”

Anyone who has received calls pertaining to this scam or others can contact their local policing agency to report it.

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