Showcasing the positives of Truro, Colchester a work in progress

Published on July 13, 2014
Showcasing the positives of Truro, Colchester a work in progress

TRURO – Headway is being made on an initiative to call attention to the assets of Truro and Colchester County.

A group of more than 50 local residents have shown interest in helping Truro and Colchester County excel in what it has to offer. About half of that group recently met to brainstorm ways to promote, embrace and showcase the local area through a community conversation called Engage Colchester/Truro.

Kathleen Kevany, with Dalhousie University and one of the meeting facilitators, told the Truro Daily News many ideas were forthcoming, specifically the need for Truro and Colchester County to find more positive ways to showcase the area.

“People want to make the area more fun, physically active and focus more on well-being,” said Kevany.

“We need to utilize our natural resources, focus on fun and turn it into a campaign. We are not waiting for outside catalysts; we are looking at branding our area and how to articulate what we are. Is the region exciting? What do people say about us?”

Kevany said the area has many vibrant assets that must be capitalized when advertising Truro and Colchester County, including the tidal bore, Victoria Park, hiking trails, dramatic and fine arts and tree sculptures, to name only a few.

“These are things that go on everyday … and we have (long-standing) businesses like Stanfield’s and new companies coming.”

Kevany suggested a “weakness” that area has is “our mindset. We have to harness what we have and keep our youth from moving away for work. We have to think about quality of life and economic prosperity.”

Another community conversation is planned for September. Although a date has not yet been chosen, it’s expected the gathering will be held in conjunction with other events.

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