Swimming for a good cause

Truro rotarians tackling Shortts Lake to fight polio internationally

Published on July 10, 2014

SHORTTS LAKE – Laurie Sandeson will embark on a special swim this weekend.

About a dozen Rotary Club of Truro members, including Sandeson, and a few friends, will swim the width of Shortts Lake on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. as a fundraiser to support the organization’s international efforts to eradicate polio.

“Rotarians like to get our hands dirty, or wet, in this case. The global world is getting smaller and if we don’t (address polio) it could sprout up in more places again,” Sandeson told the Truro Daily News regarding the reason behind the swim.

“Rotarians do a fair amount of work locally and it’s nice to also things internationally.”

Sandeson said the group was inspired by a guest speaker earlier this year, Thie Convery, an Ontario Rotarian who attempted to swim across Lake Ontario in her “Swim to End Polio” campaign. Convery raised more than $150,000, which resulted in 250,000 vaccinations in countries where polio still exists.

Local rotarians have been getting sponsors for the event Sunday, which will see participants swim about a half a kilometer, or double for those who swim back instead of boating back.

“We suspect we’ll raise close to the $2,000 mark,” Sandeson estimated, adding it only costs 60 cents per doze to immunize children in foreign countries.

“If we fundraise $2,000 more than 3,000 children can be immunized.”

The public is welcome to watch the weekend swim, which will occur rain or shine. To make a donation to the cause, contact Sandeson at 895-9058.


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