Cadets gaining policing experience in hometown

Raissa Tetanish
Published on July 10, 2014

TRURO – It’s all about helping people and meeting new faces for two cadets who have been behind Truro Police Service uniforms for the past month.

“Policing gives you a wider ability to help people out,” said Charlie Munro, a Lower Harmony native who has been working with his coach or field officer, Const. Derrick King, since the first week of June. “It’s been fun so far. I’m working with a great platoon and everyone that I have met has been kind.

“The atmosphere in the office is one of the best things that I’ve found so far, and my coach officer keeps me pretty busy.”

The 27-year-old decided on a career in law enforcement when he participated in Katimavik and spent three months working with park wardens.

“Policing is a little more than moving away from campsites and dealing with animals,” he said with a smile.

Along with Munro, Cassandra Teed has been learning from the force, working alongside Const. Catherine Campbell. Both are graduating from the police academy at Holland College at the end of August.

“I just like how different policing is, how there are different units and areas. It’s different everyday,” said Teed, 23, of Truro. “My father had wanted to be a cop but he never could, so that played a part in it as well.”

Teed said she likes the diversity that comes along with being a police officer, and has been enjoying her time with her platoon.

“I knew a lot of the officers before coming here – from sports and just being around the town, but they’re really easy to get along with.

“It’s slightly different being an officer. When you’d walk around and say hi to people on the streets just as a regular person, sometimes you’d get snubbed. But with the uniform on, it’s different. People want to talk to you. I was always a social person but not as much as you have to be in this job.”

Both cadets have been responding to calls with their platoon, as well as conducting check stops and sitting in on provincial court proceedings.

And, they both say they’d like to work with the force following their graduation.

“I’m very family-oriented, so I don’t want to go too far. I’d like to stay here, or at least in the Maritimes,” said Teed.

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