Inside trurodaily: ‘Young bears are vulnerable, it’s up to us to keep them wild and alive’

Published on June 22, 2014
This black bear has been spotted by residents on the Lake Road in Tatamagouche recently, including in the yard of Kelly Tucker, who runs a daycare. The Department of Natural Resources had set a live trap last week.
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Re: ‘Local veterinarian retiring after 36 years of helping animals


“All the best! Will really miss you, Dr. Spracklin. The wonderful care you took of our animals and the compassion you showed for all those difficult times was greatly appreciated. Enjoy your retirement!”




Re: ‘Deer population frustrating town residents


“Hello, my name is Lester Burke. I am a hunter and I go fishing and hunting every year. I believe that Natural Resources should tranquilize them and put them back away from town about 100 miles so they can stay wild and have a fighting chance in the wild instead of being here and getting hit by traffic. Their natural predator, the coyote, was the only thing to keep them in check so they are feeling safe here in town. Get Natural Resources to do something about it and tranquilize them and send them back in the woods where they can live in peace and not worry about humans.”

lester burke



Re: ‘Black bear visits concerning Tatamagouche residents


“Hope they tried to educate before they execute. Although I know not of this bear’s history, my hunch is that it includes access to garbage, compost and birdseed. Young bears are vulnerable, it’s up to us to keep them wild and alive.”

– Bobby Dinkles



Re: ‘Youth gain cultural experience with Lego competition


“As a parent of two of the Trurobotics team members, I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all the members of the community who supported the team through sponsorship, attending fundraisers and wishing them well. The team was so appreciative to be given this opportunity and know that it took many contributions to get them there!”

– Cathy Robinson



Re: ‘Former Truro police chief remembered as gentleman dedicated to community


“A good man and solid citizen has left us. God bless.”





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-      Hilden man arrested and charged with child pornography offences: Published online on June 19: Nicholas Walsh, 21, was one of more than 150 people arrested nationwide during Operation Snapshot III. Walsh, of Hilden, is set to appear in court in October to face charges of possession of child pornography and making available child pornography.

-      Sill brothers assist South Colchester Minor Hockey Association: Published online on June 20: Brothers Zach and Bobby Sill recently donated 30 sets of hockey gear to the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association for initiation and novice players. Both men were players in the local association and wanted to give back.

-      Living out a dream: Published online on June 16: Onslow Mountain native Drew Bezanson returned home recently with a silver medal from the X Games, the first medal he’s acquired in six X Games appearances.

-      Brutal assault leads to jail time for Truro man: Published online on June 19: A Truro man who brutally beat his girlfriend and confined her for nine days, all while lying to police about her whereabouts, was sentenced to a year in jail. Kyle David Ryan Wheaton, 28, will also serve 12 months of probation following his release from custody.

-      Black bear visits concerning Tatamagouche residents: Published online on June 17: A black bear has been visiting residents in the village of Tatamagouche lately, which is causing enough concern for the Department of Natural Resources to set live traps.




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