Deadline to remove studded tires extended

Published on May 7, 2014
Winter tires, left, and all-weather tires.

HALIFAX- Anyone who has not complied with annual legislation to remove studded winter tires will now have more time to do so.

Nova Scotia drivers have until May 31 this year to remove studded tires from vehicles.


Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey said, in a news release, government will extend the deadline after severe and extended weather conditions this winter.


"Government recognizes that this year's winter weather lasted longer, resulting in drivers leaving studded tires on their vehicles," said Furey. "We are responding to the needs of Nova Scotia drivers. It also gives service centres sufficient time to complete tire removals, which are backlogged."


The prohibited period, during which studded tires are not permitted on vehicles, will be changed to begin June 1 this year. Law enforcement agencies have been advised of the change.