4-H members learn while having fun at showmanship clinic

Published on May 31, 2014

4-H members had the opportunity to handle a variety of animals when they attended a showmanship clinic on Saturday. 

Colchester County 4-H held the clinic on the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition grounds, allowing members to learn how to handle horses horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, poultry, rabbits and cavies in the ring.

The event included about 50 livestock project members from the Brookfield, Clifton, Glooscap, Harmony Heights, North Shore, Onslow-Belmont, Stewiacke Valley and Truro-North River 4-H clubs.

”I usually show rabbits and cavies, and also do welding,” said Chandler Roode, a member of the Brookfield club. “I really liked learning about the waterfowl and how to show them. I’m thinking about getting waterfowl now. I’d like to get the white call ducks.”

Chandler has taken part in rabbit showmanship clinics in the past but this was his first time participating in a clinic where he was able to handle a wide variety of animals.

Along with tips on how to show animals, the 4-H members were given instruction on secure tying of livestock and dressing themselves for the ring. A couple of people provided both humour and information when they modeled incorrect ring attire such as high heels, ball caps and large items of jewellery.

Members of the public are invited to see 4-H members and their projects during the exhibition in August (4-H showing begins on Monday, August 18) and during the 4-H Pro Show on the exhibition grounds in September.