New seat for special needs children makes shopping easier

Truro mom praises local business for making request a reality

Published on May 30, 2014

TRURO – When young Georgia is comfortably placed into the specialized cart, near the infant product aisle, Kristen Langille smiles.

It will be the first time the Truro mother can truly enjoy a grocery shopping trip with her disabled 16-month-old daughter Georgia.

The child has a congenital disorder of glycosylation type 1A, a rare genetic disorder that could leave her with a lifetime of extreme disabilities.

“I can hardly take her anywhere … she doesn’t sit or fit

anywhere and you can’t pull a wheelchair and a cart. It’s very difficult … and there are a lot of children with special needs and you should be able to take them with you.”

Thankfully, Langille now can do that just. She recently saw on Facebook that Porters Lake, in the Halifax area, canvassed its Atlantic Superstore for a specialized shopping cart to enable a child with special needs to sit in it. It received support and was implemented. A few other Superstores have since added the special equipment to their location, including the Truro store.

“It means a lot because I love to take (Georgia) out but often I

can’t,” said Langille. “The little things make a big difference.”

Langille’s mom, Cathy Horton, was instrumental in the Truro store purchasing the estimated $800 seat that has a five-point harness system and came from Montreal. Horton, the store’s administrator, showed articles on the specialized seat to her store manager, who then contacted the district manager. In about a month’s time, the seat was delivered to the Truro location.

“Georgia had outgrown the baby cart and can’t sit up on her own … and it’s good for others in the community who may need it,” said Horton.

She confirmed the seat, which arrived last week, is suitable for children with disabilities who are up to 48 months of age, or a weight restriction of 250 pounds.

“No one has used it yet,” said Horton before Langille arrived with Georgia.

“We are using it today for the first time,” added Langille.

Horton said the store will see “how many people utilize it” before deciding whether or not to purchase another seat.

Anyone interested in using the seat can call the store ahead of time and book it.

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