Pugwash to form new foundation For Thinkers Lodge

Published on May 21, 2014
A new not-for-profit foundation will oversee the management and development of Thinkers Lodge in Pugwash.

PUGWASH - A new not-for-profit foundation will oversee the management and development of Thinkers Lodge.

After five months in development, the Municipality of Cumberland, the Pugwash Village Commission, and the Pugwash Park Commissioners have jointly endorsed the formation of a new community group called the Thinkers Lodge Foundation.

The not-for-profit foundation will be incorporated to provide community-based assistance in the promotion, management and development of the Thinkers Lodge property.

The foundation’s vision, mission and mandate will focus on celebrating and preserving the legacy of Thinkers Lodge as a world-class heritage site and creating a positive impact on local economic development & tourism.

The Friends of Thinkers Lodge Steering Committee, comprised of one member each from the: Municipality of Cumberland, Pugwash Village Commission, Pugwash Park Commissioners and four members from the greater Pugwash community, reached consensus on a proposal to form the new foundation late last week, complete with a governance and operational model to create a new management partnership agreement for the iconic National Historic Site.

A phased build-up is planned over the next 12 to 24 months. As the foundation develops its experience and credibility, its overall role with Thinkers Lodge will expand.

To ensure that the Thinkers Lodge Foundation can make a positive and impactful contribution to the region, the significant volunteer expertise and support available in the local population needs to be engaged. 

Over the next two months, the steering committee will be searching for volunteers to be involved at the grass-roots level to become directors on the board, as well as members to kickoff the four key operational committees.

There is a public report available upon request and for information about how to become involved, please contact Chris Henneberry at cshenneberry@gmail.comor Nancy Burgess-Graham at nancy.graham@bellaliant.net.