Seniors gather for competition, camaraderie

Published on May 12, 2014
Dot Devouge warms up prior to a bowling competition on May 9 as part of the Local Seniors Games.

BIBLE HILL - The loud thwacking sound of dozens of bowling balls knocking over pins echoed inside the Bible Hill Bowlacade last Friday morning.

It's a noise Bible Hill senior Dot DeVouge, 91, loves to hear and looks forward to participating in a bowling tournament each year as part of the Local Senior Games.

"I enjoy it because you meet a lot of nice people," she said during a warm up session, selecting a ball, then sighting in the 10 targets at the end of the alley.

"I bowl in two leagues every year."

The local seniors games, designed for people age 55 and older, took place last week in mostly Truro and Bible Hill.

Some of the events included cards (45s, bridge, Skip Bo), lawn bowling, washer toss, darts, and new this year, pickle ball.

DeVouge said the games are "terrific" for seniors, not only keeping them active but offering lots of social opportunities.

This was the first time Tina Leger joined in on the games fun.

"Well, I just turned 55 last year and I think it's a great event," she said as she was greeted by Chester Sabean, organizer of the bowling event.

She was looking forward to meeting seniors with common interests.

Sabean said about 60 people had registered for the bowling event, which capped off the busy week of games. Friday evening a social was held with ribbons presented to high scorers. A golf event has been planned for later in May.

"The organizing committee of the Local Senior Games would like to congratulate and thank all the participants who have made this year's games such a success," said games co-ordinator Bob Webb. "We were pleased to see an increase in registration plus the participation in many of the games."

He said last year lawn bowling was added as a new sport and the number of participants doubled from 2013.

"Pickle ball was added to this year's lineup and we hope to get the same response next year," he said. He added it is rewarding to see the results of planning when so many have enjoyed their week.

"Of course those who have finished the week as winners have the added joy of having the bragging rights until next year," said Webb.

Overall winners


1. First Dorothy Bohz

2. Mary Mills

3. Nora Murdoch


First Doug Anthony

Carl McNea

Patsy Matheson


1. Thelma Klinck

2. Marguerite Ryn

3. Maggie Comeau


1. John Murdoch

2. Shirley Tattrie

3. Doreen Tattrie

Pickle ball

1. Carol Benton

2. David Smith

3. Bernadette Alain


1. Bev Kelly, Joan Laffin

2. Jim Boutilier, Ron Wilson

3. Lorraine and Les Haley

Lawn bowling

1. Frank Arseneau

2. Myrna Deckman

3. Joan Hatfield


1. Eric Simmons, Deborah Bonnetz

2. Anna McNutt

Washer toss

1. Peter Saunders

2. Mickey Royals

3. Shirley Tattrie

Auction 45s

1. Winnifred Lewis

2. John MacNeil

3. Irene McNea

Casual walking

31 people took part in the walk around the track at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (four laps equals one kilometer). Gower Thompson strolled 127 laps and Ruth Morrison did 110 laps. For each lap of the track the individual's name went into a draw for a chance to win a prize donated by Colchester County. The winner was Elizabeth Crosby.



1. Tina Leger

2. Lorraine Royles

3. Muriel Tattrie


1. Jim Whalen

2. Doug Leger

3. Ross Weir