Truro’s Frenchy’s store to shut down at week’s end

Owner cites ‘good news’ to follow

Harry Sullivan
Published on April 21, 2014
The Frenchy’s store in Lower Truro is set to close on Sunday. Store owner Marcel Amirault has other plans for the site but he is not yet ready to divulge what they are.

LOWER TRURO – After approximately 40 years of operation, Truro’s oldest used clothing store – Frenchy’s - is closing on Sunday.

And while owner Marcel Amirault said he cannot yet divulge the reason why the store is shutting down, it is not because of a lack of sales.

“It is exciting for Truro,” he said, by telephone from his other Frenchy’s store in Windsor. “I can’t tell you why. The news will be out very shortly, my lawyers are still on that right now. There is something going on, but that is all I can say.”

Amirault has owned the Truro location for about five years after taking over the operation from his father Julien.

“You are looking at 40 years at least,” Amirault said, of when his father first brought the used retail, clothing store to Truro.

The chain of independently owned stores began in the early 1970s by a man in Boston named Edwin Theriault.

Theriault, however, had Acadian roots in Nova Scotia and because of that connection he was called Frenchy.

Because of his Nova Scotia connections, Theriault, who owned a Boston hardware store, decided to bring in a bale of used clothing on an experimental basis from the United States to the Annapolis Valley.

“He brought in a bale of clothing and the thing was gone within days,” Amirault said. “So he said, ‘let’s bring a truckload in’ and that’s basically where the whole thing started (in Meteghan River, Digby County).”

The Lower Truro outlet will be maintaining regular business hours until closing day on Sunday when it will be open from noon to 5 p.m.

Amirault said he will have further news to share in about a week’s time.

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