Ballet performance in Truro to benefit Arthritis Society

Published on April 12, 2014

Margot Bégin-Gillis, from the Truro Dance Academy, is hosting Bodies in Motion at the Marigold Cultural Centre on April 19 in support of the Arthritis Society. The performance, which includes four pieces, will feature Taylor Gill, left picture, of Ballet Jörgen, and a piece she choreographed that is now in the national dance company’s repertoire, right picture. Raissa Tetanish – Truro Daily News

TRURO – A local dance instructor is bringing every-day scenarios to the stage.

Truro Dance Academy’s Margot Bégin-Gillis has choreographed four pieces that will be performed on April 19 in support of the Arthritis Society.

“I thought if I had the opportunity to bring the work to town that I would host it as a fundraiser,” said Bégin-Gillis, about Bodies in Motion, which begins at 8 p.m. at the Marigold Cultural Centre. “The Arthritis Society was a natural fit. My mother suffered from it, and a few of my other family members … and a professional dancer I know what just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

“Plus, it’s something that affects some of my own dancers.”

Bégin-Gillis said the performance, which will feature Melissa Page-Webster, Michael Pinto, students of the local academy and Ballet Jörgen Canada’s Taylor Gill and Kealan McLaughlin, is a nice way to incorporate people who haven’t seen live ballet before, but that might support the cause, all while experiencing something new.

“And we’re hoping to see some of regulars to The Nutcracker and Spotlight Theatre to come out and see what else it is we do.”

There are four pieces in total to Bodies in Motion, including one of Bégin-Gillis’ pieces that Ballet Jörgen Canada has brought into its repertoire.

The second piece features both Gill and McLauglin in a modern re-telling of A Rake’s Progress, which is a story told in a series of engravings about the downfall of a man who inherits a fortune from his father.

“In the age of social media, it’s about how one might react as a precautionary tale,” said Bégin-Gillis, adding the piece features music by Anne Janelle who lives in Brookfield.  

The performance’s third piece features Pinto and Page-Webster as they explore the dysfunctional relationships between a mother and son.

“While the others are more ballet, this one is more modern. I took advantage of Michael’s natural athleticism,” said Bégin-Gillis.

The instructor said Page-Webster started dancing with her at a young age and now teaches many classes alongside her.

“In my opinion, Melissa is dancing better than she ever has, and it’s something for people to come out and see,” she said.

“With all three pieces, the response has been really interesting,” said Bégin-Gillis. “Even though they are very different, people often express that they identified with it. That’s what I try to do. I try to tell a story that people can identify with, or can resonate with.”

The fourth piece in Bodies in Motion is an abstract piece featuring students from the academy.

“The students have been working really hard. It’s very high-paced with jumping and a lot of cardio. They’ve been working hard to get it polished,” she said.

Truro’s Andrew Morrisey will be the event host and audience members may see some surprises throughout the evening.

“We don’t often get professional dancers in the community, but when get can get Ballet Jörgen here, performing work that has been created here, it’s really exciting and I’m grateful to Bengt (Jörgen) for making this possible and allowing the company’s dancers to participate,” she said.

Tickets to the performance are $12 for students and $22 for adults. They can be purchased at the Marigold on Prince Street or by calling 897-4004.

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