Halifax to host Prison Break Race

Published on February 6, 2014
A new race series featuring obstacles, Prison Break Race, is coming to Halifax in June. The race puts prison breakers up against guards in the race to freedom.
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HALIFAX - A new sporting event will soon put runners' endurance and will to test.

The Prison Break Race series, which launched in three Canadian cities last year to huge success, will hit Halifax on June 7 and 8 at the Atlantic Motorsport Park.

The event is a race, combined with obstacle course, all while containing the element of pursuit. Prison breakers are each given a belt with three flags to take on their five-kilometre journey in which they have to overcome 15 custom-built obstacles while trying to protect their flags from the prison guards chasing them.

The ultimate goal of Prison Break Race is to break free - finishing the race with at least one flag remaining.

Participants can register individually or as a team of four to 12 people. Team members can help each other out through the event.

For more information, visit prisonbreakrace.ca.